The Next Step in Hot End Inspection!



Real Time

Temperature Monitoring

The BlankWatch system measures real time different temperatures at the blank side of an IS-machine.

The BlankWatch system uses small thermal cameras which are installed at each section of the IS-machine. This unique feature makes it possible for the BlankWatch system to measure continuously and real time all temperatures at the blank side. The temperature measurements are very precise and exactly timed with the IS-machine timing.

By using the fixed cameras per section the setup time of the BlankWatch system after a job change is easily done in a couple of minutes.

Installed at the blank side of an IS-Machine the BlankWatch system provides real time information about:

  • Mold Temperature
  • Neck Ring Temperature
  • Plunger Temperature
  • Parison Temperature
  • And many more..

The mold related temperature information is displayed in trend graphs together with the thermal images on an interactive Touch Screen. Warning and alarm limits can be set in order to inform personnel when the temperatures are out of the set limits.

With the BlankWatch temperature information cooling settings can easily be controlled resulting in constant temperature conditions, a requirement for a stable forming process.



A Blank Reference with all blank temperatures (mold, neck ring, plunger, parison, etc.) can be stored. During a job change the reference can be loaded back into the system in order to create the same blank conditions again. This significantly reduces the job change time.


of Use

Because the BlankWatch system uses thermal cameras the measuring spots can be easily positioned by the user on the thermal image. The measurements are exactly timed with the timing of the IS-machine resulting in precise and reliable measurements.

Other key features of the BlankWatch are:

  • Easy to Use Touch Screen interface
  • Quick set up after a Job Change
  • Flexible, the user can create quickly new measurement spots
  • Self-Explanatory (limited training necessary)


The BlankWatch uses small cameras at each section and does not use a moving rail. The cameras can be easily installed, no production stop is necessary.

Industry 4.0

/ Smart Factory

The BlankWatch system is fully oriented to Industry 4.0 / Smart Factory and provides real time process data which is stored in a database. Customer information systems can be easily connected to the BlankWatch system in order to use the data for production optimization.

All history data can also be retrieved and displayed on the BlankWatch system.



The BlankWatch system can be upgraded with additional small cameras to monitor the gob loading, gob arrival time and much more.

The Gob Loading functionality will be available in 2019.


Side Monitoring

The BlankWatch system can also be installed at the blow side of the IS-Machine.

At the blow side the system can monitor:

  • Mold Temperature
  • Bottle Temperature
  • And many more..


Watch -


Watch -


Watch -



The BlankWatch system integrates seamlessly with the complete hot end monitoring and control solution of Cortex Glass.

The system can receive gob measurements like gob weight, gob shape and gob temperature from the GobWatch system in order to correlate them with for example the parison temperature.

The system can send temperature measurements to the ISWatch system where it can be used to correlate the glass distribution and glass symmetry with mold temperatures.



  • Improved Glass Thickness Distribution
  • Reduction of Cracks
  • Reduction of Container Deformations
  • Homogeneous Mold Temperatures
  • Faster Job Change
  • Higher Product Quality
  • Higher Productivity
  • Lower Energy Consumption



  • 1 small thermal camera per section (blank side / blow side)
  • 22" Industrial Touch Screen
  • Warning and Alarm Lamp output
  • Data interface for automatic temperature control
  • Remote diagnostics and support
  • Easy maintenance and service