The Next Step in Hot End Inspection!

Hot End

Inspection, Process Monitoring and Control

Cortex Glass develops and sells innovative Hot End Camera Inspection, Monitoring and Control systems for the container glass, pharmaceutical glass, C&P glass and tableware glass industry.

We offer glass manufacturers systems to monitor and control each process step at the hot end, from gob to bottle.

All systems are easy to use and equipped with interactive user friendly Touch Screens.



The GobWatch system automatically controls the gob weight, monitors the gob forming process and inspects glass gobs for inclusions. Read more..



The BlankWatch camera system measures temperatures like the blank mold temperature, plunger temperature, neck ring temperature and much more. The BlankWatch system can also be installed on the blow side of the IS-Machine.. Read more..



The TopWatch system monitors the position and rotation of hot glass products on the conveyor directly after the IS-Machine. The system rejects stuck ware, fallen ware and many more. Read more..



The ISWatch system finally inspects the hot glass products with one, two or more infrared cameras, directly after the IS-Machine. The system gives real time data about bottle quality like the glass distribution, verticality, shape and temperature. The system also rejects containers with critical defects like bird-swings, fins and spikes and many more. Read more..

Industry 4.0

/ Smart Factory

Our Hot End systems are fully oriented to Industry 4.0 / Smart Factory and provide real time process data which is stored in an accessible database.


Hot End Monitoring and Control

All systems integrate seamlessly with each other creating a total hot end monitoring and control solution.

For example, the GobWatch system can send gob measurements like gob weight, gob shape and gob temperature to the BlankWatch and ISWatch, these systems can display the information and correlate it with their own measurements.

The ISWatch system can send glass distribution information to the BlankWatch where it can be used to optimize the cooling.

Process optimisation and control becomes efficient and exiting!