The ISWatch is a new, multi Infrared Camera system for:

  • Hot End Defect Inspection
  • Forming Process Monitoring
  • Forming Process Control

The ISWatch system uses small infrared cameras to create thermal images of hot glass products directly after the glass forming machine. The system provides real time cavity related information about:

  • Glass Distribution
  • Glass Temperature
  • Glass Symmetry
  • Lean
  • Shape
  • Inclusions

The ISWatch information is displayed in trend graphs together with the infrared camera images.

Warning and alarm levels can be set in order to inform personnel when the glass forming process changes. Direct remedial action can take place so that the production of glass products with defects and with a lower quality can be prevented.


End Reject

Glass products with defects can be rejected directly after the glass forming machine.

The ISWatch rejects glass products with:

  • Stones
  • Bubbles and blisters
  • Bird swings
  • Choked necks
  • Wedged bottoms
  • Lean
  • Thin glass
  • Thick glass
  • Stuck ware
  • Fallen ware
  • Fins
  • Shape and diameter problems


Data Analysis

The information of the ISWatch system is stored in a database. The data can be easily retrieved and displayed, making it possible to compare job runs and to perform statistical data analysis.

Issues with the production from days or months ago can be tracked and analysed.



The infrared cameras of the ISWatch system are very small with a footprint of only 14cm x 14cm.

The small size of the infrared camera makes it possible to place 3 or more of them at the Hot End, making a total hot end inspection feasible.

The cooling of the infrared cameras is performed with cooling air or compressed air.


of Use

The ISWatch was developed in close collaboration with glass manufacturers. The focus of the collaboration was to develop an easy to use system. Therefore, the ISWatch system has the following key advantages:

  • Easy to Use Touch Screen interface
  • Self-Explanatory (limited training necessary)
  • Automatic Camera set-up
  • Automatic synchronisation to the IS-Machine
  • Easy to Use Operator Level
  • Advanced Specialist Levels


Our engineers work closely together with our customers to customize the ISWatch system to their specific needs.

Modules can be hidden when not used in order to simplify the use and set up of the system.

It is possible to customize the infrared cameras to a specific Hot End situation.

The ISWatch system can also be adapted to various glass production processes (container glass, table ware etc).

ISWatch <->

GobWatch Communication

The ISWatch can communicate with the GobWatch system and display gob measurement data. This makes it possible to correlate the Glass Forming Process with the Gob Forming Process. For example, changes in the glass distribution can be correlated to changes in the gob weight, gob temperature and gob shape.

Job data is also exchanged, a job change has to be performed only on one system (GobWatch or ISWatch), the other system is automatically set up and configured speeding up the job change procedure!

ISWatch <->

Swabbing Robot Control

The ISWatch system can interface with swabbing robots and send the swabbing robot to a mould which needs to be swabbed.

The decision to swab a particular mould and how much swabbing material is used, is based on the ISWatch measurement of:

  • Glass Distribution
  • Glass Symmetry
  • Bottle Lean
  • Bottle Shape
  • Inclusions
  • Glass Temperature

The closed loop system can also use the measurement information of the gobs (GobWatch) and the moulds (BlankWatch) to further improve the robot swabbing process.



  • Small Camera Housing (14cm x 14cm footprint)
  • More than 2 Infrared Cameras possible for better detection and rejection of critical defects
  • State of the Art User Interface
  • Faster Job Change
  • Higher Product Quality
  • Higher Productivity
  • Payback time < 1 year



  • Multi product operation
  • Tandem IS-Machine operation
  • 1 or more air cooled infrared cameras
  • 22" Industrial Touch Screen
  • 19" remote electronics and computer cabinet
  • 24V Reject Output
  • Warning and Alarm Lamp output
  • Remote diagnostics and support
  • Easy maintenance and service (Plug and Play modules)

The TopWatch system can be fully integrated within the ISWatch system.