The Next Step in Hot End Inspection!



The ISWatch system is a multi Infrared Camera system for:

  • Hot End Inspection
  • Hot End Process Monitoring
  • Hot End Process Control

The ISWatch system works with all forming processes (Blow-Blow, Press-Blow and NNPB), all glass colours and with round and non-round ware.

The ISWatch system uses one or more sidewall infrared cameras directly placed after the glass forming machine. The TopWatch infrared camera can be added to improve the performance of the inspection and monitoring of non-round ware.

The ISWatch system provides real time cavity related information about:

  • Glass Distribution
  • Glass Symmetry
  • Glass Temperature
  • Lean / Verticality
  • Diameter / Shape
  • Ware Spacing, Position and Rotation

The ISWatch information is displayed in trend graphs together with the infrared images on the easy to use Touch Screen interface.

Warning and alarm levels can be set in order to inform personnel when the glass forming process changes. Direct remedial action can take place in order to produce high quality glass products without defects.


End Reject

The ISWatch system rejects critical defects like:

  • Fins
  • Bird swings
  • Spikes

By rejecting these critical defects already at the Hot End, it will be prevented they arrive at the Cold End reducing the amount of blocked ware. The ISWatch system warns personnel when a critical defect is detected in order to act immediately.

The ISWatch rejects also glass products with:

  • Inclusions like stones, bubbles and blisters
  • Thin glass
  • Thick glass
  • Cracks
  • Choked necks
  • Wedged bottoms
  • Lean
  • Shape and diameter problems
  • Freaks
  • Stuck ware
  • Fallen ware
  • And many more..



During a production run, an Article Reference can be stored containing the current glass distribution and temperature of the glass product. After a job change, the Article Reference can be loaded back into the system in order to quickly produce the glass product with the same glass distribution and temperature again. This significantly reduces the job change time, improves the product quality and production efficiency.

Industry 4.0

/ Smart Factory

The ISWatch system is fully oriented to Industry 4.0 / Smart Factory, it provides real time data of each produced glass product which is stored in a database. Customer information systems can be easily connected to the ISWatch system in order to use the data for production optimization.

All history data can also be retrieved and displayed on the ISWatch system. Issues with the production from days or months ago can be easily tracked and analysed, job runs can be compared as well as other statistical data analysis.


of Use

At Cortex Glass we are continuously working together with our customers to make high performance systems which are easy to use. The cooperation has resulted in an ISWatch system which has the following key features:

  • Easy to Use Touch Screen interface
  • Self-Explanatory (limited training necessary)
  • Easy to Use Operator Level
  • Advanced Specialist Levels
  • Software options which can be switched on and off
  • Automatic Camera set-up
  • Easy synchronisation to the IS-Machine



The infrared cameras of the ISWatch system are the smallest on the market. The camera cabinets have a footprint of only 14cm x 14cm. We also offer small camera cabinets which can be attached to the conveyor.

The small size of the ISWatch camera makes it possible to put two or more at the Hot End, making a total hot end inspection feasible.

Cooling of the cameras is easy and can be done with with cooling air or compressed air.


Our software and hardware engineers work closely together with our customers to adapt the ISWatch system to their specific needs.

Custom software modules and algorithms can be developed for special inspection, monitoring and control tasks.

Because we develop our cameras and housings in-house, we can quickly customize our cameras to a specific Hot End situation.


Watch -


Watch -


Watch -



The ISWatch system integrates seamlessly with the GobWatch, BlankWatch and TopWatch system into the Cortex Glass total hot end monitoring and process control solution.

The ISWatch system can receive and display gob measurements like gob weight and gob temperature from the GobWatch system.

The ISWatch system can receive and display temperature measurements from the BlankWatch system.

With the measurements of the GobWatch and BlankWatch system, it is possible to correlate the glass distribution and glass symmetry with gob temperature, gob weight, mold temperature, plunger temperature, neck ring temperature etc.

Process improvement and optimization will become much easier and effective!


Swabbing Robot Interface

The ISWatch system provides a data interface for closed loop swabbing robot control.

With the data interface the swabbing robot can decide to swab a particular mold and determine the amount of swabbing material based on the ISWatch measurement of:

  • Glass Distribution
  • Glass Symmetry
  • Bottle Lean
  • Bottle Shape
  • Inclusions
  • Glass Temperature

The closed loop system can also use the information of the GobWatch and BlankWatch systems to further optimize the robot swabbing process.



  • Reject of Critical Defects
  • Reduction of Blocked Ware
  • Reduction of Sorting and Resorting
  • Reduction of Reclamations
  • Faster Job Change

  • Higher Product Quality
  • Higher Productivity
  • Fast Payback / ROI



  • 1 or more air cooled infrared cameras
  • 22" Remote Industrial Touch Screen
  • 19" Computer and Electronics Cabinet
  • Multi Product Operation
  • Tandem IS-Machine operation
  • Remote diagnostics and support
  • Easy maintenance and service