The Next Step in Hot End Inspection!




Inspection, Monitoring and Control

The innovative GobWatch camera system automatically controls the gob weight of single and multi gob weight feeders, monitors the gob shape and falling angle, inspects every flint glass gob for inclusions like seeds, bubbles and stones and rejects glass products with inclusions directly after the glass forming machine!

The GobWatch is very easy to use, significantly improves the product quality and productivity and has a fast payback time.

The closed loop gob weight control function of the GobWatch stabilizes the gob weight (0.05% achievable) and shortens the Job-Change time (more than 30 minutes).

The GobWatch system counts the number of seeds and bubbles in flint glass and provides information about their sizes.

Non-round and engraved glass products like perfume bottles are difficult to inspect at the cold end. When the GobWatch detects a blister, bubble, cord, stone or other inclusion in a flint glass gob, the system rejects the formed glass product directly after the IS-machine.

The GobWatch system can also reject formed glass products with for example gob weight deviations, gob length deviations or gob falling angle deviations.



The GobWatch contains two high resolution cameras (for single, dual, triple and quad gob operation) capturing images of all falling gobs. The camera images are processed and analysed in real-time to provide the following gob parameters:

Gob Reference, gob width, gob length and gob weight graphs

  • Number of inclusions per time / volume / mass
  • Inclusion size
  • Inclusion size distribution
  • Gob Weight
  • Gob Diameter
  • Gob Length
  • Gob Speed
  • Gob Shape
  • Gob Drop Angle
  • Gob Temperature & Temperature Profile

All parameters are stored and displayed in trend graphs together with the gob images on interactive Touch Screens.

Warning and alarm levels can be set in order to inform personnel when a parameter drifts away from a set point. Direct remedial action can take place so that the production of glass products with defects and with a lower quality can be prevented.



Gob references with all gob parameters (gob shape, gob temperature, etc.) can be stored. During a job change the reference can be loaded back into the system in order to produce the same gob again. This significantly reduces the job change time.


Gob Weight Control

Controller screen (Tube Height, Weight Distribution, Gob Weight graphs)

The GobWatch system controls the gob weight (single, double, triple and quad gob) by making small adjustments to the tube height, plunger height and tube rotation speed.

The GobWatch automatically configures the cameras so the gob weight control can start directly after a job change, when the first gob is produced!

Benefits of the GobWatch automatic gob weight control are:

  • Stable and Precise Gob Weight (0.05% achievable)
  • Stable and Precise Glass Product Volume
  • Stable Gob Temperature
  • Stable Gob Shape
  • Stable and Better Glass Distribution
  • Fewer Defects in formed glass products
  • Reduction of overall product weight
  • Reduction of Job Change time (>30 minutes achievable)


Height Control

The GobWatch system controls the gob weight of single, double, triple and quad gob feeders by making small adjustments to the tube height.

The GobWatch can control an existing tube height motor or Cortex Glass can provide a robust, high precision tube height motor.


Plunger Height Control

The GobWatch system controls the individual gob weight of double, triple and quad gob feeders by making small adjustments to the individual plunger heights.

The GobWatch system can control already installed feeder plunger motors or Cortex Glass can provide robust, high precision motors for the plunger height adjustment.


Gob Weight Control

When producing two or more different gob weights with multi gob weight feeders, the GobWatch system can keep the gob weight constant by controlling the tube height.

Another benefit of the GobWatch system is that it makes the set up of the multi gob weight feeders much easier. Creating the correct plunger profiles for multi gob weight production is a difficult and iterative process. The GobWatch system reduces the set up time considerably because the system provides for each gob the necessary weight and shape information needed to adjust the plunger profiles.


Rotation Speed Control

The GobWatch system can control the gob weight by automatically changing the rotation speed of the tube.

The result of controlling the rotation speed of the tube is a more equal gob temperature in double, triple and quad gob production.


Gob Shape Control

With the GobWatch weight and shape data information it is possible to automatically adjust the feeder plunger profiles. A data interface is available as an option in order to create a closed loop system.


Bubble and Stone Inspection

Seed count, bubble count and size distribution graphs

The GobWatch system inspects each flint glass gob for seeds, bubbles and stones with a minimum size of 0.1 mm.

The number of detected seeds and bubbles are stored and shown in various trend graphs. A size-distribution chart shows the sizes of the detected seeds and bubbles.

With the seed and bubble information process engineers can quickly analyse their root cause. Optimum process settings for the gob feeder, forehearth, fining and melting processes can be found, resulting in a higher product quality. Operators are alarmed when the number of detected bubbles becomes too high, for example when a crack occurs in an orifice ring.


End Reject

Rejects screen

The GobWatch system can reject a glass product made from a flint glass gob with a detected bubble, blister, cord and stone directly after the IS-machine.

The detection of inclusions in non-round glass products or products with engravings is very difficult (and costly) at the cold end. The GobWatch system can detect inclusions already in the gob, preventing them from reaching the cold end, decoration facilities and finally the customers.

The system also rejects glass products made from gobs with weight deviations, diameter deviations, length deviations and drop angle deviations.


Data Analysis

Statistics screen

The measurement data of the GobWatch system is stored in a database and can be easily retrieved and displayed. This makes it possible to compare job runs and to perform statistical data analysis.

Issues with the production from days or months ago can be tracked and analysed. For example, customer complaints of bubbles and blisters can be traced back to their production date and time, significantly lowering resorting costs.


of Use

The GobWatch was developed in close collaboration with an innovative glass manufacturer on production lines with over 200 job changes a year, with single and multi gob feeders producing different gob weights in a machine cycle (variable gob weight feeders).

The collaboration has resulted in a very easy to use touch screen interface which is one of the key features of the system. Different views can be used for users at operator, job-change and process engineer level. All data belonging to a job (products settings, gob references, warning levels, reject levels, etc) are stored in a database and are automatically retrieved at the start of a job change. The GobWatch system automatically configures the cameras without user-intervention, even when the production is changed from for example single gob to double gob.

The GobWatch system can be serviced and updated with new software remotely by Cortex Glass. With a connection to the company network users can log on to the system remotely from their office.


System Overview



  • Stable and precise gob weight (0.05% achievable)
  • Rejection of glass products with inclusions larger than 0.1 mm (detection performance depending on glass colour)
  • Rejection of glass gobs with weight, shape or falling angle problems
  • Faster Job Change (>30 minutes achievable)
  • Reduction of bottle weight (>1.5% achievable)
  • Reduction of material waste and energy consumption
  • Reduction of sorting, resorting, decoration and reclamation costs
  • Higher Product Quality
  • Higher Productivity
  • Lower Production Costs
  • Less Pollutant Emissions
  • Fast payback time



  • Single, Dual, Triple and Quad gob operation
  • 1000 Gobs per minute
  • 2 high resolution air cooled cameras
  • 22" Industrial Touch Screen
  • 19" remote electronics and computer cabinet
  • Tube Height Sensor
  • Tube Height Motor Controller
  • Warning and Alarm Lamp output
  • Remote diagnostics and support
  • Easy maintenance and service



  • Hot End Reject for inclusions and other gob defects
  • Individual plunger height Controller
  • Variable Gob Weight Feeder Controller
  • Tube Rotation Speed Controller
  • Data output for automatic gob shape control and plunger profile adjustment
  • Tube Height Motor
  • Individual plunger height motor
  • Industrial Weight Scale
  • Extra 22" Remote Industrial Touch Screen