The Next Step in Hot End Inspection!



Hot End

Transport Monitoring

The TopWatch system monitors the position of hot glass products on a conveyor belt.

The TopWatch system uses one small infrared camera mounted above the conveyor belt to create thermal images of the hot glass products.

The TopWatch provides real time information about:

  • Product X-Position
  • Product Y-Position
  • Product Rotation
  • Conveyor Speed

The cavity related information is stored and displayed in trend graphs together with the top view product images on an interactive Touch Screen.

With the TopWatch information the pusher settings of an IS-Machine and the conveyor belt speed are easily set up and controlled. A smooth hot end transport and a reduction of the Job Change time is the result.

Warning and alarm limits can be set in order to inform personnel when the position of the glass products are out of the set limits.


End Reject

The TopWatch can reject glass products for the following problems:

  • X-position deviations
  • Y-position deviations
  • Rotation deviations
  • Stuck Ware (X and Y direction)
  • Fallen Ware
  • Too close to each other

Data of each rejected glass product is stored in a database. The data can be easily retrieved and displayed. This makes it possible to monitor, analyze and improve the hot end transport process.



  • Stable and precise transport
  • Reduction of stuck ware
  • Reduction of jams at coating tunnel
  • Reduction of fallen ware at transfer wheel
  • Data output for automatic control (pushers, conveyor belt speed)
  • Faster Job Change
  • Higher Productivity



  • Multi product operation
  • Tandem IS-Machine operation
  • 1000 glass products per minute
  • 1 air cooled infrared camera
  • 22" Industrial Touch Screen
  • Hot End Reject output
  • Warning and Alarm Lamp output
  • Data interface for automatic control
  • Remote diagnostics and support
  • Easy maintenance and service

The TopWatch can be fully integrated within the ISWatch system.